Track of the Day 22/09/16: On Top by Hoops

Hoops are not a band from the East End of Glasgow (one for the football fans out there) but come all the way from Bloomington, Indiana. Their output so far has consisted of sunny, low-fi psychedelic rock – Tape #2, Tape #3 and EP sound like someone’s set foot across a treasure trove of demos from a legendary 80s cult indie band.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve seen Hoops at optimum level, and it would be interesting to see how they develop their sound on LPs. This track however on Tape #2 shows their potential. Granted, the production is a tad raw, and it sounds like someone’s frittering about with the headphone jack. But it’s a track that causes a tingle in the same way bands like Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads and early Prefab Sprout manage to create.

The guitar riff is effortlessly breezy, and the drums rattle away like someone enjoying the school summer holidays in their garage. The overly optimistic lyrics (“Keep your head up, you’re doing fine/I know it’s hard, but you’ll be alright) don’t sound disingenuous against the understated and melancholic nature of the track. As soon as the whistling part kicks in, it feels like you’ve known this track for a long time.

Hoops’ stuff, including their new live album released this week, is out on Bandcamp and all other good music outlets.











Author: Bryan Duncan

Music writer and journalist.

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