Track of the Day 26/09/16 : ‘No I Won’t’ by Evans Pyramid

Normally the best tracks hit you when you least expect it – during a listening session of Caribou‘s eclectic Spotify playlist on shuffle, this song came on:

‘No I Won’t’ is a simple but effective slice of disco that combines the raw emotion of Stax soul with swooning pop strings and jerky new-wave guitar licks.

It sounds like taking certain chunks of pop history from the 60s and 70s, cutting it up and condensing it into 5 minutes. 

However, it’s not convoluted at all – it’s a relentless grove that doesn’t change tempo or have any unexpected tricks up its sleeve.

That’s the subtle beauty of the track – it doesn’t show off but grooves nevertheless.

Its understated nature fits well with the relative obscurity of its producer Andre Evans, the brainchild behind Evans Pyramid. 

He was a session player for artists like Issac Hayes and The Delfonics, but eventually started making songs himself. 

Tracks like this and ‘I Want Your Body’ left a lasting impression on the dance scene (and one excitable shabbaz79 on Youtube – read the comment below on the latter track mentioned).

Last December at the now defunct Shapes nightclub, I heard this track during a DJ showcase by Eclair Fifi

This brings me to that other satisfaction in discovering music – when an obscure song you’ve randomly stumbled upon online suddenly plays in a nightclub.

It’s as if the planets have aligned, and you feel vindicated for liking that song – that hip DJ on stage is a fan, the crowd around you are loving it…you get a real buzz (probably enhanced by half a dozen overpriced pints of Carlsberg swirling around your gut).

Of course it’s nice to have that special song or album that no-one can take away from you, but that collective experience on the dancefloor is something to behold too.

However ‘No I Won’t’ will always feel personally special.





Author: Bryan Duncan

Music writer and journalist.

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