Track of the Day 27/09/16 ‘New Song’ by Warpaint

Whenever a Warpaint song comes on the radio, every guitar scrape, drum beat and vocal seems to seep out the speakers with a haze of smoke, mystique and groove. Love Is to Die sounds like the James Bond theme song rejected for not having enough Bond clichés. 

Meanwhile, their cover of Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes epitomises the Warpaint sound – the bass melody flutters about like Peter Hook cooped up in hill somewhere in L.A, while the guitars and drums lock-in to each other with such nonchalance and ease – it’s such a cool, hip breezy sound that it makes any other band sound like they’re trying too hard. 

Third album Heads Up is a continuation of that trademark Warpaint sound, but with some extra oomph in parts. New Song for example sounds like like the L.A. four-piece have taken their best elements and supercharged them like an Italian plumber tearing through a power star. 

The guitars dance about as if it’s having a fit, the vocals swoon over with overly hopeful and romantic lyrics (“You come along and wash away the rain”), while the drums maintain a fast upbeat tempo, resulting in one of their least mystical and more mainstream records – but y’know, still sounding like Warpaint. Long may we continue hearing new songs from this band (and stop reading piss-poor closing sentences from this blogger).


Author: Bryan Duncan

Music writer and journalist.

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