Track of the Day: Marie Davidson – Naive to the Bone

It’s Friday. You’ve just clocked out after doing a Dolly Parton and you’re trundling through the rush hour traffic like a sardine in a tin can that’s well past its sell-by date. 

You need to shed that fusty workday skin and slip into something more comfortable for the weekend. 

What better way to start than listening to this hedonistic acid-tinged dance track from Marie Davidson

Hailing from Montréal in Québec,  Davidson is one of the many roster of exciting artists making its way out of Canada (see this Track of the Day by Kaytranada for another Canadian love-in). 

‘Naive to the Bone’ fires the synapses in the same way Factory Floor captures the psyche with their repetitive but seductive  house music (this is most prominent on their latest LP 25 25

The listener gets caught up in the euphoria with its thick synth stabs,  then all of a sudden, a female voice breaks through, catching you off guard – “It seems like honesty is not so fashionable these days” could be a comment on post-truth society re Brexit/Trump. Mibbes aye, mibbes naw. 

Doesn’t matter either way though, just get caught up in its trance before you clock in on Monday morning. You might need a boost next week if the US decides to elect a radioactive Oompa Loopma as president. Actually, the way this country’s heading, you need a boost now. 

Marie Davidson’s album Adieux Au Dancefloor is out now. 


Author: Bryan Duncan

Music writer and journalist.

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