Track of the Day 28/09/16 – ‘A.H.B.’ by S U R V I V E 

Every man and beast has probably watched Stranger Things now, the Netflix show that’s captured people’s imaginations with its blend of Spielbergian Sci-Fi and unadulterated nostalgia for the 1980s. The excellent soundtrack has also pricked up folks’ ears – it’s the brainchild of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein who are one half of  S U R V I V E, a quartet from Austin, Texas.

‘A.H.B.’ – a track taken from the new album RR7349 -naturally wouldn’t sound out of place on Stranger Things – it’s an eerie, synth-ridden instrumental with lashings of John Carpenter and Depeche Mode:

RR7349 is out Friday via Relapse Records. If you want more infectious synth music, there’s a whole bunch o’ stuff on their Bandcamp page, and the Stranger Things soundtrack (Vol 1 and 2) is out now via Lakeshore Records in all good music outlets.