Track of the Day 29/09/16 – ‘Up to Anything’ by The Goon Sax

Australia is ‘on point’ – like a hip prepubescent character from Neighbours would probably say – when it comes to endearing indie music. Dick Diver and Courtney Barnett for example are just two excellent acts from Melbourne. For today’s track of the day though, we turn to Brisbane for The Goon Sax.

Formed in 2013, they consist of Riley Jones, Louis Forster (son of Robert from cult favourites The G0-Betweens) and James Harrison.

Their album Up to Anything, released this March via Chapter Music, is a wistful collection of songs which perfectly encapsulates that awkward phase of adolescence. The opening title track is a personal highlight though.

The guitars scrape together nicely with a hint of melancholy that always feels present with bands like The Goon Sax and The Pastels, one of the Brisbane trio’s favourites. It also includes what feels like one of the most effective couplets on depression in pop music: “I can’t walk this sadness out/I just walk these things around”. Up to Anything is indeed ‘on point’.

The Goon Sax grace Glasgow tomorrow with The Pastels helming the decks. If you’re just reading this at time of publication, then chances are it’s short notice. If you read this the day after the gig…emm…get off my back – just make The Goon Sax your new favourite band!